Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sheepy Sheepy

Who would ever have thought that I would have a flock of chickens, 2 bum lambs, a large garden and not work!?!  Not me! I didn't not want it, but the idea had never crossed my mind up until the last year.
My mom had a garden most of my life, and I never really paid much attention to it. I honestly don't remember the last time I was in her garden! Yet now? Flowers, and gardening is half of all we talk about. She's teaching me her tricks, and i'm rubbing it in her face that I can grow corn, and we are a zone 4 here, and we have hardly any snow all winter! Now, I love gardening! Last years garden of mine was kind of a flop. The deer, the hail, the too rich manure that hadn't been worked for a few years, and then the 2 snakes I had seen in my garden which made me constantly watch my back and my feet.
This year however, this year, this month, (May) my garden is getting fenced! With 6ft deer fences. I think we (fil+Jed+me hovering around) will fence the whole garden area; not just the garden itself. Woot.  Half of this reason is because the bulls keep running over the fence that's there and coming into the lot. If they want somewhere, a fence doesn't always stop them!
That old shed on the far right will be torn down and the coop there instead! (The plan so far)

We will just replace the fence that's shown here (right and behind tree)

And then all of this tree area will be fenced!! We will put a smaller (4ft) fence separating my garden from the tree area, and then let the chickens roam in there! I cannot wait!!   

On Sunday, we brought back to bum lambs from meeting! Cutest little things ever. They have the whole old milking shed for themselves with a fenced off area on the outside too.  The weather has been super sad and rainy and windy out. But once the weathers nicer, they'll just follow me around when i'm out in the yard. They still follow me around but it's been so gross out that I haven't been outside much, aside from feeding them 5x a day!  They will hopefully too live in the trees here. 

                 Feeding the little lambies

SO cute!

Love his speckles

always at your feet
I would never have thought i'd have lambs, and chickens, but I love it! They're so simple, and entertaining, not to mention cute! (chickens...mehh not so much) 

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