Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This weekend was a good one. A little extra sleep in time due to blinds finally in our windows, a nice breakfast, and the day spent outside!
It seems as though on lots of Saturdays, something involving cows always interrupts the day. Thankfully, that wasn't (directly) the case this Saturday! 

I've never had a bad Costco grapefruit!

Dug up a ton of roses 

just passed out

I'm getting quite good at catching chickens. 
 It was a gorgeous day, as usual! I"m loving the warm springs here. I spent all of yesterday outside, got my first burn, and plan on being outside for the rest of today! 

West Side of the coop
North side

We finished the exterior of the chicken coop! Finished the siding, and something else we put up but I don't remember what it's called. The stuff on the corners. Maybe it's just called corner metal? 

East side
South and west side
We had hoped to start on the roosts, but a little fire started and we had to go deal with that for a while. The chicks are fighting crazy over the top roost! Kind of funny to watch actually. They can somehow squish 8 of them on the higher roosts. Apparently, the top roost usually is for those of the top of the pecking order. My smallest chick is always always on the top! Sucks to be the ones below because they likely get pooped on all night long.  They can easily fit on the roosts, if they learned to use the bottom ones! Hopefully this weekend, or next, we can make their permanent roost! 

These pepper plants want out

Mornings aren't his favourite

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