Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chicken Crazy

I swear i'm not chicken crazy. Just yet.
But in all seriousness, when you start looking up chickens online and finding blogs about people who have chickens, the chickens are named, have a personality and the owner LOVES them like crazy!
I swore I'd never be like that. I never really liked birds. I remember taking care of McB's chickens once and the stupid thing went to bite me when I went to feed it! Hello, i'm feeding you, don't bite.
However, having been with mine since day 3, they know who I am. They like me! They know I often come bringing 'treats'. They hear me and run out to greet me. Actually. And yes, they're developing personalities. But I won't mention them. Except for the fact that the smallest chicken (half the size of the others) is always on the highest roost!

I did manage to tame a wild, fast and sneaky chick. (The same one that is always on the top roost). I caught her/him, and held it, and it fought, so then a few hours later I caught it again and now it loves me. I'm its favourite.

Added this hollowed out log for them to poop on

haha totally passed out!

She's kind of pretty I think
 On Thursday, I had been with the chicks off and on throughout the day, as usual. Jed came home at 5:30, and I went out to see the chickens and one was dead! The one panel (that you can see in the picture below) was knocked off...we have it up against the coop with a board and a roll of chicken wire keeping it in place...not the best solution, I know. The chick was on the north end of the run with it's head kind of underneath the wire a bit. It was as though whatever got it, tried to drag it out and failed. I got it, and it was still warm! I had been out at either 3:30 or 4:30, so this animal was fast! We have since then, narrowed it down to quite probably a wild cat. The 6 cats that live on the property, don't really do much of anything, at all. A skunk or raccoon would have struck at night, as there is always activity in the yard. I was kind of sad, but it's part of life so i'm over it. It was either the one I am holding below, or the one that looks just like it. (Barred Rock)

We also finished the exterior of the coop! Now all that's left is a permanent roost and their nesting boxes. The picture below shows the North, East, South and West side! The door is on the East, and the windows on the South+West to get most wind and sunlight.

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