Friday, April 18, 2014


Earlier this week I went out to some friends on the other side of the river. They are in the middle of lambing so Of course I had to see that! Unfortunately, no ewe's decided to lamb when I was there. Silly things. I got to help bottle feed the bums that are just So. Cute.

The drive over
Ewe's and their lambs

They all want me
I am actually going to get a few bums here this weekend or next week! I've been told that they get annoying, but I'll try it once and see how I like it!! I picked up some nipples and feed in town yesterday, so just have to get some fencing and then the lambs! 

The younger bums soaking in some sun

Some of the older bums

The other twin got on the other side of the fence

The only black set!

It is gorgeous where these sheep are!! Trees! Made me realize just how much I miss trees.  We took a walk along the river and through all these massive cottonwoods. So so gorgeous!

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