Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moving the Coop

This weekend we were Finally able to move the chicken coop outside. It was supposed to be warm from now on (I'm just hoping) and it was semi-dry outside. We (and by we, I mean Jed) attached a chain to the coop and Bob towed it out with the backhoe. Chicks inside! I had wanted to have a run set up for them outside so they don't have to be inside while they move the coop. But you can't really have an attached run with no coop...

Seeing some natural light for the 2nd time (sad, I know!)

attaching a chain

After their little road trip

Let them out for a while...still not used to it...also doesn't help that the ground was muddy+damp!
 I have since then added a little run, put some chicken wire up against the pig panels, and gave them a ramp to come out their own personal door! I will post pics of that eventually.

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