Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Gorgeous Week

This week it was gorgeous! Weather got to about 21C (I have not figured out Fahrenheit for the life of me!) and I took advantage of it! It was t-shirt time, and I even brought out the shorts!
I have been taking the dog down to the creek lately. It's great because 1) there's no cows down there 2) the dog has so much room to run and burn her energy 3) there's water for her to play in 4) it's protected from the wind! We just walk and walk and sometimes I have No clue where I am until I get to the top of a hill and see Jed's brother Cole's house! We discovered this deeper pond for Sassie the dog to swim in. It was the first time she actually swam, and not just flopped in at the edges. She loved it. She would race out back to me and then spray me with water. Such a happy dog!

Drying off

Her swimming hole

Trying to take a picture with the dog without getting soaked with pond water!

SO happy!

This little one is quite timid!

Had about 2 minutes 'free ranging' in the garden before I threw her back in the run!

Started pulling this rose mess out, and will replant with some bulbs

T-shirt, shorts, smoothie, outside...Perfect day!

Passed out

More passed out...guess they don't like that roost!
 I went with a friend to Belle Fourche/Spearfish SD the other day. I discovered some seeds at Walmart for .50C, .20C and then this Huge collection! I Obviously had to buy some of the cheaper ones. It was such a good deal!
Every time. I just can't help it.
I transplanted some tomatoes the other day so this window is getting Super full!
Golden Hour

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