Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After a HUGE breakfast of biscuits and gravy which I had never heard of, together, we went outside. First of all though, Jed had been bugging me to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast because "Andrea made them for Cole" (Jed's brother who he works with) so that means I had to. I had never heard of those things. At least not together.  I guess what it is is ground pork cooked, and then added to a white special gravy thing, and then served over biscuits. Jed actually bought all the ingredients for it last week while he was in Miles City. (He knows I would never buy it when it's just me shopping! Mainly because I Really don't know what it is). He asked if he should get some biscuits. Clearly he's seen my fails and fails of bread making! However, I can make biscuits.
So Saturday morning, we made them. I had made some biscotti the night before and didn't wash the dishes. Which is totally Not me! I wash the dishes after every meal because I can't cook in a dirty kitchen. But it was like 9:30 when the biscotti finished and Jed was already making some popcorn so I definitely couldn't do dishes while he ate the popcorn!
That just meant that while Jed was making the gravy and pork, he took over the counters+stove. I made the biscuits on the table. It was a well dirtied kitchen!

Biscuit making. Or made. 

Eventually we I got the kitchen cleaned up and outside we went. We had to put fascia, sofit and trim on the coop. The sofit was leftover from a job Jed's been on, and the fascia likely dates back to the early 80's. (Joys of having many old buildings on the property to find materials!) It was a nice enough day that I hauled the chicks to an old fenced in area that they used to use for other chickens and bird like creatures.  It was in the shade, cool and damp. Nothing like toughening them up! 
I found an old basket around here and hauled them like that. Some of the littler chicks were small enough to escape out, so they got royal treatment and got carried by hand. 

Hand carrying the weird ones! 

We were looking through the old buildings here and found this gorgeous old stove! I'm going to stake my claim on it now. I also found some cast iron pans I want to refinish!

This little dog watched the bulls for half hour or so and then decided to take 4 steps into the pen...too bad for her (and us) it was about 8" of poop/pee/water all mixed together! 
She also met the chicks, but decided annoying a cow was a better idea than watching chicks

Perfect day for sheet drying! 

                           The little silkie! I think this is Jed's favourite chick ha!

Hauling them!

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