Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spring in January

January was absolutely beautiful! Most days I could wear a hoodie outside and still be comfortably warm...sometimes it was just a t-shirt! 

Never too many sunset pictures

moving the heifer calves

In the open areas, there was no snow. On the north side of a hill or just random places (lets face it, I'm not the one to figure out which part of a hill has no snow and why!) there was still a bunch of snow. Snow that had drifted or just been protected. 

I had been talking to my mom back in the fall about hyacinths and how she was force growing them and then I wanted to. On our way back from Nebraska, we stopped and I got some bulbs. When we get home there was a bag of hyacinth bulbs in the mail! My sister sent me some mail because she knew I love mailday! So far, this is the only one that has bloomed. It was only a couple inches tall, so that was sort of weird. I think the manure dirt stunted the growth. As usual, I have no luck with dirt!