Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted

Somebody had made this comment in mtg a few months ago and it has actually kind of come back to me a few times since.  Such a simple phrase but yet so important.

I think of where I came from and where I moved to. So very different.
Back home there was trees. So many trees. Trees all over. Here there's about 15 trees in the yard and then you can't see any for miles! (Just where we are)
There was long, cold winters, and nice, tolerable summers back home. Here the winters are cold for a week and snowy, and then melted the next week and warm for a month and then cold and snowy and then warm again. Which essentially means 10 springs. Where FSJ has one nasty one. Usually!

The summers. SO HOT. Last summer it was a minimum of 30C every day. I believe the highest I saw was 35C or something ridiculous. And yet I've been told that last summer was a cooler summer. I don't handle heat very well I've learned. When it was 26-28C for a few days I was LOVING it. I could bend over in the garden and not stand up without getting a head rush and all light headed feeling. I much prefer the milder summer weathers as it is too hot to do much of anything! However, the hotter summers mean I can grow corn here!

Back home I can run through the bush, the yard, barefoot and not think a thing about it. Here? There's snakes. I saw 11 (alive ones) last year. Jed saw 2. I have a fear of snakes. Jed doesn't. Something is wrong with those numbers! I came about a foot or so from stepping on one in my garden, in my flip flops. And then saw another one in my garden. And a few right close to my garden. Way too many. I had no clue I even had a fear of snakes and now they surround me. Oh. I also saw one (small) one outside our door and one in the shop. Shudder.  Now I rarely wear flip-flops and instead where running shoes. Which sucks. Because when it's 30C, your feet want fresh air. But your brain tells you to wear snake proof shoes. However: I do hope that having 19 chickens, and 2 sheep in the big fenced in area right beside my garden will keep the snakes far far away!

The differences are endless, but I've learned to adjust. I've learned to love and appreciate what we do have here.
I love the openness that there is here. I can walk for miles through the pastures and creek, and not see anything except maybe the odd cow. I can see for miles and miles. I don't have to worry about neighbour dogs attacking me.
I also love that I don't work. Actually.
Some people NEED to work, some people don't. I'm one of those who doesn't.  There was the odd day in the winter where I got a little stir crazy, but then I just found something else to do. IE: Research chickens.
I have been called countless times by my father in law for the most random things. One time a bull was sitting down, and he knew I'd like to see it so he called. Another time a HUGE flock of cranes were flying over head, so he called me. The other morning he showed me a rabbit nest with brand new babies that was right in the middle of the bull hay! I get to get in with the randomest of things. It's great. For the most part.
Now I have my chickens, my two bum lambs, and a garden, and kind of a dog to busy my time. The bum lambs are now getting fed 4x a day so that definitely keeps you busy!
Now that its nice(ish) out, I can do so many more things outside. I white washed the chicken coop yesterday. I just have to fix up a few spots and it'll be nearly done. My garden and tree area should be getting fenced this weekend! That means 19 SUPER happy chickens (so much green grass and new things!). My garden can be planted pretty much right away, just after a good til or two as the weeds in it are out of control. Which is kind of good. That means my garden will do better this year. I hope. My mom said last year "if the weeds won't even grow, that's not good!"
All in all, I've learned to appreciate what it is here. Make the best of it. Even if it isn't all the ideal life, it is what we have now. I would Never have thought I would get chickens (or even lambs for that matter!) but I love them! Both Jed and I have learned and are still learning from our life here, just how we want to settle down. Where, and with what animals! Chickens most definitely. In the country most definitely. Definitely not cows!
Bloom where you're planted!

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