Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We finally finished the chicken coop! The chickens had gotten far too big for their temporary roost we had made them. Well, they weren't actually too big except for they all want that top roost and therefore step on each other to get that certain roost spot!
We also made their nesting boxes. 6 nesting boxes they get. They say one box per ever 4-5 hen. I have 19, so that should be plenty. And regardless of how many nesting boxes you have, apparently they always fight over the same one...
Jed had some idea for their roost plus a little shelf like thing along the inside of the coop. That way it's more room for them which they'll need in the winter.
I'm so glad I married such a handy man! He did such a good job I think he should go into the chicken coop making business. Ha!
 And then yesterday I white washed the inside of the coop. White washing is essentially painting everything white. However, because of the ingredients you use, it will kill mites, lice, and other bugs that like chickens. Plus it makes things easier to clean and brightens up the coop!
I mixed hydrated lime, borax, salt (dissolved in water) and water. It's super runny and messy but that doesn't matter. At first when I painted it, I could hardly tell I had painted it. But once it was completely dry, it was pure white! Magic stuff.

Before white washing. 
 I should really take some pictures today, as it's had all night to dry. And be pooped all over. There are a few spots that I have to touch up and still paint.

Whitewash just put on the walls
Just about dried

Just about all dried. That yellow spot above will dry completely white. 

Enjoying their new roosts. And the rafter. Gr. 

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