Friday, May 16, 2014

My little farm

I've spent nearly all day, everyday outside this week. I now understand how and why we almost starved to death as children in the summers!  Why waste time inside making meals when you can spend all day outside?! I'm soaking in this 'warm' (cooler) weather before the heat hits. I'm hoping that I am a lot more immune to the heat this summer!
My garden still isn't fenced. So therefore I really can't plant anything. I planted some gladiolas in a place which I thought would be a safe place. But turns out right where I planted them, will be the walkway to the one gate in! oops. I'm not complaining. I'll have my garden, and this whole big tree area all fenced hopefully within or by next week.  I have been pulling weeds and weeds and weeds. I give the weeds to my chickens and they love it! And they love the worms they may get too. I tore out a ton of grass clumps by a tree north of my garden. I tilled up my garden, and then that area and planted a TON of wildflower seeds there! Shasta daisies, zinnias, cosmos,bachelor buttons, marigolds, poppies, and likely a few more. I have high hopes and expectations of it becoming a wildflower patch!
I planted started a few more seeds. I'm hoping that it'll give them a week or two head start. Planted cukes, tomatillos, Brussels sprouts, blue corn, cauliflower and some tomatoes. It may be too late, but its worth a shot.
With two little lambs, and quite often a dog around, they don't make it easy to get stuff done. The lambs are like children. Constantly getting into things, picking up what you just put down, gnawing on garbage, but ignoring the field of fresh green grass behind them, climbing on your lap, butting you for food, etc. And then when you throw a dog in the mix, she has to be Right there with them. So if the lambs come near you, the dog is there, happy of course, so wagging her tail, knocking things over. But. It's cute. And it's teaching me to be consistent in pushing them away from the new plants, consistent in taking them to the grass. However, they are the cutest thing. To them, I am their momma. They see or hear me and start baaa-ing!
The cuddly one

Best time of day

Jed did good!

rain makes all things vibrant

Happy Mothers Day!

looove a clean house

She LOVES the sheep. So obse

All in all, I love this life and this place I've been given. I get to spend most of my day outside, with my little animals! I feel very lucky that I am able to be outside for as much as I want. I've come to absolutely LOVE being outside. Surprisingly, i'm not lonely, or bored. As crazy as I may sound, these animals keep me sane and normal ha!

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