Friday, March 21, 2014

Feathered Friday

I decided to do a 'chicken' post weekly. Mainly because they are what I spend a fair amount of time with, and plus it's like the only thing I really take pictures of ha!
I can tell that they're definitely developing a personality. (Do chickens have personalities? Like they hardly even have a brain...)
There is one who is often up on the edge of a box, or the edge of the board dividing the coop in half.
There is another one who is often flying around scaring the others, and he/she is also one that pecks and annoys the other!
The silkie, (Mr Kerfuffles!) used to be Super timid...wouldn't get in the middle of the chicks. Now he/she is not afraid. Last night we watched it try and shove the other chicks off the roost! He/she is also the smallest chick so it's quite funny to see!

What I've learned thusly:
-chickens scratch their head/neck/back like a dog does. With their foot!
-they also stretch. Stretch out their wings and their legs as far as they can reach
-they stink
-they peck at poop
-their wing span is quite big already
-some sleep past out with their head on the ground. Some tuck their heads in. They turn their heads pretty much all the way around and rest their heads on their wings. Some sleep on their sides!
-they're super super dusty
Injured one.

The other night we noticed that 3 of the same breeds (Ameracaunas) all had a wound of some sort right down the middle of their back. There are feathers coming in there so it may have been something from that. We put the 3 in a box, in the coop. Chickens will peck at a wound/cut on another chicken to the point of cannibalism! The next night one escaped back into the coop so I let the others out, but then saw one pecking at it. So I put it back in the box and it escaped. Twice! Enough of that.
They seem to be healing up well. Even if it's just dust covering it up!

New area, new sand=happy chicks! Bath time!

eating cucumbers...just not the skin!

Mohawk! And 'bathing' 

Loving strawberry tops!

Twinning Amercaunas. These type lay the blue/green eggs!

Silver Laced Wyandotte
A Golden Laced Wyandotte+Silkie


  1. Hey Nikala! I stumbled upon your blog, and am super happy about it! Good to see pics of life in Montana's countryside:)

  2. Hey Shanna, so cool!! I'm living a totally different lifestyle here than I ever would have known, but I Love it!