Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beautiful Baskets

I think my favourite thing about USA, aside from Jed of course, would be Bountiful Baskets!
Every other Monday I go online and order my basket. For $15 I get the conventional basket. 6 fruits, 6 veggies for $15. You never know what you'll get. And by 6 fruits/veggies, that doesn't mean one apple, orange, banana, kiwi, strawberry and mango. You get a bunch of bananas, a handful of apples etc etc.
There are extras you can get. Bread, 'bulk' fruit, oils, granola, tortillas etc.

This past week I got the conventional basket which had:
-2 bunches of lettuce
-1 bunch celery
-1 pack mushrooms
-4 bok choy bunches(?!)
-5lb bag potatoes
-2 red peppers

-1 pineapple
-a bunch of apples
-a bunch of pears
-6 tomatoes
-1lb strawberries
I got all that for $15!!  I then ordered some strawberries as extra, so got 8lbs for $22, a tropical pack (mango, vanilla beans, mint, dragon fruit, pineapple, dessert wraps, granola), and 5 loaves of sour dough bread!
All that deliciousness came to $73.  Quite impressed. Not only is it super cheap, you never know what you're getting so it's a great way to try out new veggies. For example, we've gotten fennel, which is gross. Tastes like black licorice, and we've got 2 bunches of mustard greens. Umm they taste like a hot mustard. One bunch was too much! So that part of it kind of is unfortunate, but for $15, I don't feel bad if I throw something out. Or now, give it to my chickens!

All the goodness!

Good thing they're pretty since they sure don't taste like much!

Sunday morning feast
I love the day after bountiful baskets...best breakfasts! 

Bountiful Baskets is by far the best deal for produce. Anywhere! I absolutely love it.  We've talked about moving to Canada off and on and I keep saying "Canada doesn't have beautiful baskets!"
Someone in Canada should most definitely start up a bountiful baskets co-op.!

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