Friday, March 7, 2014

30 things

I've been wanting to make a list on things I've learned since getting married. Things about myself, things about life, things about other people, things about marriage, anything! It may be things I've learned or stumbled into, and wish others could do the same. It may be just random facts and ideas and opinions I have. Nonetheless, here's a list.  
1) I cannot handle a dirty floor. My floor has to be swept/no crumbs on it. During calving/the really cold days, this was a joke. You would get all bundled up, go check, go save calves, etc come in the house and have to go out an hour later. 
2) when you have NO carpets or rugs in your house, you would be disgusted at how dirty the house gets. See 2.
3) I graze. I'm like a cow. I eat breakfast, and supper and in between that I'll eat a smoothie, soup, pretzels, muffins, fruit, etc. I hardly have "lunch" but i'll eat every hour or so!
4) I've gotten into yoga and actually enjoy it. I love how stretched I feel afterwards, or if I go a week or so without it, i'll definitely be feeling it! However, I still cannot touch my toes. UGH. 
5) We make life much too complicated. Here life is so much more laid back and simple. I love the mornings where you are busy with morning chores. Feeding cattle, cleaning pens etc etc. None of this fighting traffic, fighting people, beating rushes, phone calls etc business which the rest of society seems to be doing. 

6) I love going with Bob (father in law), or Jed (when he feeds, he normally works, well works a paying job :-) )and helping feed in the mornings. It's so simple, relaxing and calm. The cows all know the truck, they know you, they try and block the truck so they can get fed faster, they eat off the truck. They're the tamest cows around. But there is something calm and simple about morning feeds while everything is just waking up. 
7) I don't know if i'll be able to live in a subdivision again. I have got quite used to how far we are from anyone. No one has house keys, or locks their doors.
8) I truly believe that no matter where we may end up, that it will become beautiful to you. I'm used to trees. Here where we live, there's no trees, aside from a few right around the house. However, that openness has become beautiful to me. I miss trees though. 
9) I quite enjoy making things from scratch. Things like laundry soap, yogurt, granola, etc. This is partially because our 'local' IGA has such a high markup on stuff that we try to save for a Miles City or Billings trip where stuff is normally priced. Therefore, i'll make things instead of buying them!

10) A few people have mentioned how i'm so skinny/small. I had lost about 20lbs after I came back from South America...all I did was changed my diet+got in a routine.  I have stuck to this routine+eating habits, and have remained the same weight or so as when I got married. (while Jed gained 20 needed pounds!) I don't workout, but I stay active.  A healthy and active routine lifestyle will help maintain a healthy weight. 
11) This whole "organic, gmo free" rave that's going on...not interested. Sorry! GMO isn't actually as bad as it may appear to be.  As for organic? Well an apple, and an orange is better than eating chips and a pop...just eat healthy. As my dad says, "who want's to be the healthiest man in the graveyard?"
12) EVERYTHING is in moderation. 
13) I LOVE Young Living Essential Oils. I use them all the time. They smell fantastic, have many uses and are 100% pure. Inside and out. 
14) I don't like being amongst crowds of people
15) I once made some popcorn on the stove and I burnt it so Jed now Jed makes it from now on. Truth is, I can indeed make it without burning it, but I have no interest in telling Jed that. 
16) I spend WAY more time outside here than I did before. And I love it.
17)  I don't mind doing dishes. 
18)However, the hardest thing is getting up from the table after supper. I'll sit there long after Jed has cleared the table but for some reason, those 4 steps to the sink from the table are so hard to start.  
19) I have chickens. But I will not turn into a crazy chicken lady. 
20) I really want a goat. And an alpaca. A goat because they're adorable and an alpaca so I can ride it down to the mailbox. 

21) I am Really spoiled. Jed allows for me to stay home and not work. I love it. I love the freedom and open schedule this gives me. 
22) I make Jed breakfast every. single. day. Partially because I know how quickly I get hungry if I just ate a bowl of cereal...and i'm not working half or a 16th as hard as he is. And partially because I just love him. And because I like to. Also, see #21
23) I think that a very important thing in a (our) relationship is that I make Jed breakfast, lunch and supper. He provides for me, allows me to stay home and keep warm when it's cold out, or be in an AC house when it's hot out, I can nap if I want or stay in my pj's all day (which has never happened, fyi!). The Least I can do is provide him with meals. He can cook, he knows how to, but I don't expect him to. Why should He have to cook when he's been working all day and I've been home all day?! 
24) I don't Always feel like making supper, but I still do it! Thanks to pinterest, recipe books and a good mother who fed us well growing up, I have NO excuse! 
25) Learn to love and appreciate what you have 
26) Don't go LOOKING for a spouse in a different country. If it happens, well it happens. But don't go out of your way...why? Because immigration SUCKS. It's the most frustrating, endless, not knowing thing EVER.  The ONE thing I've learned is that we have NO control over somethings. No matter what we do, or how hard we try, somethings are completely out of our control. Learn to just let go and be patient. PS: Easier said than done!
27) I love to garden. If only I had done more of it when I was younger! 
28) There is something beautiful of watching a cow have a calf, and then watching the mom and calf interact for that first half hour or so. How that mom licks that calf, gives it her scent, nudges it until it stands up within 10-20 minutes, how she has a special moo just for the calf. How they get so protective over their calf, even if you're just trying to help it out. And how with so many calves and cows running around, they each seem to know who's their mom/calf. 
29) I Love this little country/ranch/farm life. I really do. However, I wouldn't raise our kids on one. Maybe just a few chickens, and a goat or two, but not much more. I like to be free and not tied down.
30)  A calf running around has Got to be The cutest thing Ever!

This is lengthy. Oops.
Thanks for lasting this far!

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