Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Updates!

I've decided that I am going to try my very best to keep up with this blog. So far I haven't been that good. I've decided to do a weekly "This Week" post.  Even if no one reads my blog, I at least will be able to look back and remember our life a bit. I am always taking photos, but they don't always get posted anywhere. I am telling myself now that if I try and make it a 'thing' to post a weekly update of our little life, maybe hopefully I can be posting some photos! I also am hoping that this can be a way to help improve my photography skills and record what happens around here!

We have been super busy with calving lately. It was really really cold out so the cows had to be checked hourly or every few hours. A new calf can freeze it's ears Super quick when it's -30 out!
I've been trying to spend a little bit of time with my chicks so that they can be tame and I don't have to worry about them biting me.  So far they are skittish, run into the corner when I try to feed/water them, some have discovered the little 'roost' I made for them, and one has discovered that he can fly up to the edge of the box! I had to put the lid/sides of the box up so she can't do it. Bad chick.

Jed was home for most of the week last week as it was too cold to work, and plus Bob needed help with the calves. (I don't really count as help because I can't lift a 85-95lb calf and walk with it!)
He went to work today which means I can clean the house without him walking through and dirtying it again! I may need to get over this whole "I can't clean the house when Jed is around" thing!
Keep watch for weekly posts!
Midnight cow checking in a snowstorm! 

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