Monday, March 17, 2014

This Week

This week was nearly the same as last week. And the week before. Our life is pretty minimally boring.
However, when you are on a ranch, you Never ever know what's going to come up or happen!
On Saturday there was another bum. A poor calf who's momma didn't care about it. We've paired them two up a few times now and as soon as they're out of the pen, the mom loses track of her calf and she starves! Cole found the calf on Saturday and it couldn't even stand up. He took the calf to it's mom, and the calf turned and followed Cole! That's a sure sign that it doesn't want it's mother anymore! We gave it a bottle, and she chugged it down and lounged in the shop. Later she got some electralights (sp?) and some mineral oil because she was super weak and constipated. It fixed the constipation. (In the shop.) but didn't give her much strength. There was a cow who lost her calf earlier so we tried to pair it up...the cow wanted a calf so bad, but the calf was too weak to do anything. She died on Sunday. So sad!

Peppers, basil, carrot and more peppers

I wanted to make tarts but the store had no tart shells nor did Walmart. So I decided to make them myself. Absolute fail! 
I've been taking my dog out to this shelter belt and pulling weeds! I discovered I enjoy pulling weeds. (Mom, this is a joke actually, a joke just for you) It's quite rewarding. Me and the dog just go up there and spend an hour or so in the shelter belt. I pull weeds and she plays with her toy, and I play fetch with her. At the same time. She just loves her life up in the shelter belt!  Now that it's been super nice out, I've been spending a lot more time outside. Why waste a beautiful day inside?!

Dan the dog doesn't know what to think of any calf lurking around in the shop. The calf had walked towards him and he went and bit it on the nose (he's supposed to do that, but not when he's been told And knows to "be nice to the baby"). I punished him and made him stay. I was spying at him out the chicken coop hole in the door! (last pic)

I "spent" time with my chicks. (Not really, but fed them some grass and such.) Those stinkers are growing SO fast! They go crazy over grass clumps I pull for them. I cannot wait until the coop is fully done and they are outside. They are really stinkin things up!
This is Fred

Teeny little Kerfuffles
A mean little one!
A few have discovered this!
That far one has feathered feet and a mohawk!

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