Friday, March 14, 2014

Feathered Friday

My chicks are growing soooo fast! It's hard to believe they're only 3 weeks old.  Judging by the amount of dust in the coop, you'd think they were 10 years old not 3 weeks old! Note to anyone considering getting chickens: you do not want their brooder in the house! I left a knife in the coop overnight and by the next day it had a layer of dust on it already. They create an incredible amount of dust. I cannot wait until they can be a) taking over the coop b) OUTSIDE! C) giving me eggs!

This one cracks me up!  
Curious fella
Top hatter

They can finish this clump of grass in like an hour or so!

 chick with fuzzy feet

Feathered feet
Tiny little Silkie (Mr. Kerfuffles)
Fred. Possibly Fredina. Or just a unisex Fred.

I had all the pictures side by side, all nice and organized. When I went to view the post, they were all over the place. If anyone knows how to manage photos on blogger, please let me know. It drives me crazy.

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