Monday, March 10, 2014

Week on a Ranch

This week spring really came. Nearly all the snow is melted, and I've even spotted some green weeds! Everything is muddy muddy muddy and wet. It's 'supposed' to rain/snow tonight so I can hardly wait to see how mucky it gets. Not. I'm beyond ready for spring and summer. Here, it'll be cold and snowy for a week and then warm for 3 weeks, and then cold again and then warm. So instead of having ONE spring, you get like 3 springs. UGH.
Curious calves
I was walking the other day and slipped on ice which was under a puddle and fell straight to my butt/back. It didn't hurt. However, I came inside to change and realized I stunk EXACTLY like a cow pie. When you live on a ranch, pretty much anywhere you fall, especially in the spring, you are guaranteed to be falling into a puddle of manure/pee and even afterbirths all mixed together. It was gross.

Brought one of the stinkers inside..for like 1 minute

Saturday morning breakfasts are my favourite

Bottle feeding a bum calf! It's mom had twins and she only accepted one. However, a cow lost her calf last night so we'll be grafting this one!

Showing me how it's done-notice Dan the dog?

Ready for sumer!

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