Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snow Shots

Our snow came a day later than it did for everyone back home. However, we did get a little skiff of snow about a month ago. Nothing compared to the 3-4 feet that hit SW South Dakota about a month ago. So we aren't complaining.
I ventured outside to take some photos. I hate this time of the year...snow on a not frozen ground. Such mud! Thank goodness I have gum boots, but they aren't insulated so I just have cold feet instead.
The heifers are back around the yard now likely until they're done calving.  They "can't" get into my garden. But they can get through fences every now and then.....

Heifers on the other side of my garden

I love that the colours are still around :) 

Sassy is the less aggressive pup. Oddly enough she was the most aggressive when they first got her, and up until the cows came around. Now Dan is SUPER aggressive with the cows while Sassy is not! Funny how that changed!  

 The above pic is the trees at the river yesterday when it started to snow. Crazy to think that just last week they were bright yellow and a week later the leaves are gone and replaced with snow!

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