Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Young Living Essential Oils

My oils came in! I've been waiting for this day for about a week. A week since I ordered them. I've been making oil lists for a few months now, but finally was able to make the order last week! I may or may not have been stalking the online tracking info for that whole week either...
Considering that the majority of those who read this blog right now are either close friends, or family (or just Mom or Dad!) you will quite likely know all about the Young Living Oils. For those who are strangers to me or strangers to oils, here's the basics:
-Young Living Oils are the highest quality oils available.  Click here for more information about the processing in which Young Living oils are made
-There are oils for pretty much every reason use you can think of!
-You can use the oils for cooking, cleaning, externally, internally, diffusing, etc etc etc.
You can purchase the oils as a regular member (retail prices) or as a distributor (wholesale prices and a few perks)
I signed up as a distributor for a two definite reasons:
1) I can get the oils at 24% off (I don't know how they came up with 24% and not 25%!)
2) I can eventually get others to sign up with YL through me.
There is a lot more information about the oils, the quality, how good they are, and just the background information. However, I know that the oils help me and Jed so I don't really spend time learning the background of oils yet, rather than learning more and more about how to slowly bring them all into our home!  With time I will learn more the history of the oils and "Why Young Living" but in the meantime, I'm focusing on completely using Young Living in our home instead of Advil (which I to this date, haven't bought an Advil, Tylenol, etc! Jed has, but not me!)cleaning and disinfecting instead of Mr Clean or Windex, for cooking and baking, and most commonly, for fixing injuries, pain etc.
A lot of distributors know the history and the facts.. but me, I know how they help me and how they affect me. So any information I've written on this blog about YL is from a personal experience. Either me, my hubby, or family and friends!

To sign up as a distributor, you have to get a starter kit. There are 3 available. This is the premium/most expensive.  It comes with a diffuser (value: (retail) $98.68), Everyday Oils collection ($159.54). That alone comes to $258.22 but cost $150 if you signed up as a distributor.  It also comes with a 5ml StressAway bottle, 10 sample oils, a filament roller, some NingXia Red to try, and a bunch of information to read!
The dusting rag did not come from YL. It came from Norwex, but it was a part of my mail day which btw, is the high of my day! Or at least when we have something in the mail and bills don't count!

Rainbow of health!

This is my oil collection so far. Minus a few that are straggling up on our night table. I had 'accidently' taken some of my mom's oils when I was back home last winter. But in all fairness, I accidently left her a Panaway which is a fairly pricy one and I ended up with 2 Peace & Calmings, a Thieves and a peppermint. Fair 'trade' if you ask me!

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