Thursday, October 24, 2013

Force Growing Bulbs

The other day I was talking to my mom who was planting some hyacinth bulbs. But force growing them. I had never actually heard of that before so I was asking her all about it, hoping to do it! I also didn't know what hyacinths were so I had searched some, and Loved them! I told my mom I was going to pick some up the next time i'm at a bulb selling place. 
Fast forward a few weeks, and we stop at a Menards and I bought a little package of bulbs. We come home (we were out of town for a few days) and there is a whole package of hyacinth bulbs awaiting me!!
Turns out my mom told my sister or something was conversed between the two of them, and she ordered me some bulbs because she knows I LOVE mail day!! She currently holds the "favourite sister" status! 

Now I had two sets of bulbs to force grow...I could plant them in my garden but it's getting fenced (fingers crossed) soon, and I won't know exactly where it'll be fenced or not! Plus, who doesn't love indoor flowers, especially during the winter? :)
It's fairly easy to force grow bulbs as I just learned. Depending on how well these turn out, I think I may be doing it every fall so I can have flowers during the winter!

Force Growing Bulbs: 

The bulbs which were waiting for me at my doorstep!

Find some containers that are the right size for the bulb. I'm growing hyacinths and they get tall, so I wanted a deeper pot. Let's hope this work. I had to find some containers which were deep enough as hyacinths get kind of tall and would be top heavy.  I'm not sure some of them are big enough, but I guess we will find out! 

I filled my containers about 3/4 full of soil, maybe a little more, and than put the bulbs in with the roots down, and just Barely touching each other.
Tip: always plant bulbs/flowers etc in odd numbers. An even number of bulbs is just Too perfect! 
I planted two blue hyacinths and 1 Tequila Sunrise (or vice versa)

And then I covered with dirt and didn't take a pic of that
 You can plant the bulbs so that the tops are even with the soil. I never did this because I figured that when I watered them, that the water would move around the dirt anyways. Maybe next time?!
I watered them and once they are not as wet, i'll move them to the fridge. That dog LOVES water. She is sitting beside the water in hopes I will turn it on again for her to "eat" 

After you have planted the bulbs, store in a cool, dark place for about 10-12 weeks. It should be between 34-45F.  Keep the bulbs moist, but not wet for the entire time. Once they are done being in the "cool" place, they should take another 3-4 weeks to bloom! 

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