Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Garden progress

This was my first year having my own garden. Back when I was younger, I had a part in my mom's garden, which usually ended up being just a part of her garden under her care! Fast forward 10 years and here I was spending much time in my own garden!  My garden didn't do so well this year..thanks to what we think is too strong manure.  (The joys of living on a ranch is you get some extremely nutrient packed soil. Too much nutrients!) My beans and peas came up and then died, and I had one carrot living and then it died. I managed to get corn, potatoes (kind of), pumpkins, zucchini by the millions, one cucumber, some squashes and tomatoes.
With all that being said, i'm quite looking forward for next years garden... It will be fenced so I don't have some 4 legged creatures eating my tomatoes, potatoes, corn, etc. Plus I'm going to plant much earlier than I did this year. I hope to have a massive garden and have so much produce coming out that I get to can and freeze it all! Here are some pics to recap my little garden year! Sorry for the photo overload

My corns coming up (back in June)

I had found that old wagon wheel and planted herbs and some flowers in. NOTHING came up except for some random flowers which got eaten by rabbits or just kept near dying and then coming back to life. Fail.

Back when my beans were doing good. When my mom was here in June, we counted in one row to see how many beans were up. 2 days later it had nearly doubled the number! 2 weeks later or so, they were practically all dead. 

Quite a change; me putting my mom to work!

I had bought some marigolds which did amazing! I loved seeing the little splashes of orange. Next year I am hoping to have much much more flowers!

I had gotten that crib thing at the local recycling depot and used it for a trellis. I had planned to use it for the peas. Well they died/got stepped on/ate by deer or rabbit, so then I planned to use it for cucumbers. Well they didn't show up until August! So it worked Amazing for my sprinkler once the corn got taller than me!

Ladybugs Love the corn!

Doing so good before the hail hit
In June or July sometime, we got a pretty bad hail storm. Just shredded my garden. It was quite discouraging. However, everything snapped back!  Or at least didn't die.  It really hit the corn at a bad time as once it was ready to harvest, they had little flavour, and missing lots of kernels! I thought for sure that the pumpkin and zucchini would die, but they came back just as strong! Here are some pics I took right after the storm.
The size of some of the hails! 
The corn looks a little pathetic!
The pumpkin looked like death
The garden snapped back pretty good after the hail hit. This was taken a few weeks after. Or a month. I actually have no clue. Oops.

picking the first corn!! 

I think every garden has its own deformities, quirks or just weird things about them! This particular corn was growing through a corn leaf...don't know how that happened!

something weird going on here! 


The thing on the left is a pumpkin bloom at its early stages!

SO heavy!!

So we used them as target practice. 

He had the bigger gun

and mine was smaller!

All the potatoes I got. :( Not much, not much in size, but no peeling required! 

They are much more orange now! 
After the first freeze! Looks hilarious!

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