Friday, November 1, 2013

Mailday Friday

Maildays are my favourite days I believe. Especially lately as we've been getting things in the mail, good things!  Things we've bought ourselves, or gifts. Today I got my pay-it-forward gift from Denise; some davidstea! The day only got better. My father in law gave me a big container of locally grown honey-yum!   I've been motivated for the last few days to do some canning/dealing with fall produce, for the first time on my own. Yesterday I cut open an average sized pumpkin and a small one. From those two pumpkins, it gave me: 13.5lbs of purée, some pumpkin seeds to make sweet and savory, pumpkin butter and a pumpkin loaf! Now I have about 20 more pumpkins to deal with!  In the past two days I've made a bunch of pumpkin stuff, soup for Sunday, yogurt and soup!  I think I've likely washed about 100 loads of dishes. By hand. 

Some of the bigger ones
The outcome!

Free samples too!
Local honey
Arg. I'm having a horrible time trying to get those two above pics side by side, or even centered. According to the toolbar, they are centered. Or any photo organized.

Making tomato sauce!
All it made

I have a super easy recipe for Crockpot Yogurtand haven't bought yogurt for months, I love it! It makes about two full yogurt containers full. We have company coming Sunday so I made a big pot of the best corn chowder soup ever!
Making yogurt
And Mom's corn chowder soup!

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