Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coconut Granola & Almond Biscotti

I have these plans of what i'm going to do all day and then Jed comes home from work early (like 10:30am early) and my plans get forgotten. However, I did manage to make some Coconut Granola! I eat granola with yogurt all the time, and it's cheaper to make it than buy it. Plus, you can put whatever you want in it!
 I sort of followed a recipe I found on pinterest (of course) but it's granola. So no real need to follow a recipe exactly! You can find the recipe I followed right here 

It's a good thing I ate some otherwise it wouldn't fit in the jar! 

I used hemp hearts, chia seeds, and no almonds because I was saving it for the biscotti! I think I ate about half of the granola yesterday. So full of deliciousness! 

Jed had told me that he has a good recipe for Almond Biscotti, and it was in one of his sketchbooks.  Meaning it could be in any of his many sketchbooks he has! Luckily enough, he knew which one and found it promptly.  I don't think I have ever had biscotti because I am not a coffee drinker and have trouble paying for a little piece of biscotti which likely costs $4 or some way overpriced number.  

 Jed made this almond biscotti and I realized then just how hard it is to Not snatch up some batter when it's not you making the batter. I was itching so bad to sample the dough.  Kindly enough, Jed left me a few crumbs to eat out of the bowl!
We let these cook for about 50 mins in total! They were so delicious with our hot chocolate!

Because this recipe only has eggs and some extracts for liquids, its a very dry mixture which you just pack into log shapes! 

Almond Biscotti:
1 cup blanched, sliced almonds
1tsp baking powder
1/8tsp salt
1/2tsp almond extract
2 cups flour
3/4cup sugar
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla 

1) toast almonds at 300F for 8-10 minutes, flipping occasionally 
2) beat eggs and extracts together
3) mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together
4) gradually add the egg mixture into the flour mixture
5) add the almonds about halfway through mixing the egg and flour mixture together
6) divide dough in half and roll each half into a log (10x2)
7) bake 35-40 mins or until firm to touch.  Cool 10 mins
8) slice off in diagonal slices 
9) bake 10-12 mins on each side 

*Jed used a wooden spoon to mix dough, and then his hands. The batter doesn't 'roll' out but rather you pack it into 2 log shapes! 

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