Friday, December 6, 2013

It's feeling like home...with all the cold weather!

While the inlaws were away, it snowed! It rained the day before off and on, and then it snowed and the temperature dropped. Them cows were wet, and then got snow on them so have icicles! They sound like they have bells on them!  It is gorgeous here though. I love winter! And it is currently quite cold. Like home actually. I love it.  

Getting all bundled up! LOVE our Ecuador hats, scarves, sweaters etc!


Now I absolutely cannot figure out how to align the pictures on here so they're side by side. Makes me SO angry! I apologize for the many photos. I tried to make them be beside each other but no such luck. If anybody knows how to make the photos be beside each other, please please let me know. The 'align left/align right' does NOT work. It works once it'll seem and then that's it. 

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