Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Is planted!

I've been itching to plant my garden this year, since last fall! I spent, and spend so much time on pinterest, getting ideas, and learning new things. Last year I basically just threw stuff in the ground. When my mom came, I had to point out that this row went this way, and that row went the other way, and that I wasn't sure what was in each hill. This year, all my rows are straight, with twine, and labelled! 
Bean teepee

All finished planting!
fresh rhubarb

Hauling a tree

Sassie the sheep sitter

Onions have all started popping up! (aside from the bigger ones I planted as is)

First water

The little welding truck! We were welding in the support beams for the corners of the garden fence. So happy the garden is fenced now!

I planted a section of corn, just when the one side of the garden was fenced. I was told it was 'safe' from being run over by the backhoe. However, it wasn't safe from dogs/sheep, so I've noticed my straight rows aren't so straight anymore!

That hen is Fredina. She is the master at escaping her run. I'll open the door to the coop for her and she walks right in. She has taught a few others to fly out. I now let them all be free throughout the day. So far they're all alive!

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